Our Scientific Advisory Board and Other Co-workers

Scientific Advisory Board

- We brought together a select team of world-class visionary scientists who have substantial expertise in areas immediately related to our mission, such as complex systems, biological gerontology, neurobiology, futurism, ethics, acceleration and singularity, synthetic biology, evolution, cognition and transhumanism, in order to advise the Foundation on our long term strategy objectives.

Ben Goertzel, Researcher in Artificial Intelligence

Pilippe Van Nedervelde, Futurist and Nanotechnologist

David Kekich, President, Maximum Life Foundation

James Clement, CEO Androcyte LLC

Joao Pedro de Magalhaes, Lecturer in Biological Sciences, University of Liverpool

Giacinto Libertini, Researcher in Ageing, Napoli

David Orban, Analyst in global high technology

Michael Rose, Evolutionary Biologist, University of California

Alex Zhavoronkov, Biogerontology Research Foundation

Nikola Danaylov, Philosopher and Singularitarian

Christos Schizas, University of Cyprus

Yannis Laouris, Neurophysiologist and Systems Theorist

Arthur De Vany, Prof. in Economics, and Evolutionary Fitness Specialist



Founder: Marios Kyriazis

Advocacy Director: Eric Schulke

Management Director: Phil Micans

Commercial Director: Marc Taylor

Advocacy and Software: Matias Castro

Advocacy Assistant: Droplet

Political Liaison: Giannakis Kasoulides MEP


Research Scientist

Franco Cortese - Cutting edge radical life extension research subjects


Affiliated Researchers

Jonah Lissner- Information energy, String Theory and Chaos in Manifold Theory

Andreas Apostolides- Transposable Elements in Indefinite Lifespans

Adam Frederick ("capob") - Society, Immortality and Persistence

Maria Spyrou - Cell Immortalisation 

Clement Vidal - Cosmological Immortality

Manuel Teixeira-Theoretical Concepts in Mathematics and Physics

Mark Aaron Martin - Evolution, Ethics and Intelligence

Ilia Stambler - The Social, Ideological and Political Motives and Constraints for Life Extension Research

Stefano Vaj - Transhumanism and Ethics

Alessandro Fontana - Germ-line Penetration

Josh Mittledorf- Aging and evolutionary benefits in ecosystems

Cadell Last - Reproduction in the Global Brain

Carrie Peterson- Gerontotechnology

Shima Beigi- Resilience and Mindfullness Engineering