The ELPIs Foundation for Indefinite Lifespans (a non-profit research organisation) is a multidisciplinary endeavour aiming to formally study the real and perhaps imminent possibility of the abolition of human ageing, i.e. the achievement of an indefinite lifespan.

The Foundation is located in Larnaca, Cyprus and London, UK but has a global presence. Our objectives are inherently based on our long-term vision of a world where age-related degeneration, and subsequent involuntary death due to ageing has been eradicated.


To formally research, discuss and describe strategies that may lead to the abolition of age-related degeneration and involuntary death due to ageing.

In order to accomplish this, we will:

1. Initiate and maintain dialogue regarding the philosophical, scientific and medical issues related to the matter, i.e. the achievement of a virtually total elimination of ageing (an indefinite lifespan, when the rate of mortality as a function of age approaches zero, as well as the elimination of age-related degeneration). We will also encourage sharing and development of opinions, thoughts, ideas and hypotheses that have immediate relevance to this issue.

2. Using a praxeology approach, suggest directions and possible topics for research in order for our aim to become workable.

3. Collect and evaluate relevant existing research, conduct research, and promote future research in practical terms, through the ELPIs Foundation for Indefinite Lifespans and other relevant research organisations.

4. Identify areas or issues that have interim practical relevance in order to ameliorate current age-related diseases and dysfunction, and suggest ways of applying these to humans temporarily, until our aim is achieved.



Research the possible relationship between evolutionary complexity theories, neurobiology and technological acceleration with regards to our aim.

Discuss how the process of elimination of ageing may manifest itself and examine any early signs that this is currently happening

To disseminate ideas and information relevant to our aim, as well as practical aspects of these strategies to the public